We all want to feel seen, accepted, and supported.

We crave belonging, but above all, we want to BE ourselves.  We want to be free to love and BE loved—without hatred, harmful labels, or mistreatment.

When the environment around you makes you feel “less than” or judged, you might experience overwhelming emotions.  You may be filled with shame, fear, or loneliness.  You might feel uncontrollable anxiety or anger.  Or you may even struggle with understanding and loving yourself for who you are.

I know it hurts.  I know you might feel lost right now.  But you are not alone.

Whether you are battling with prejudice about who you are or who you love, navigating the process of coming out to your family and friends, or simply looking to discover your true self, I am here for you.

I’m Dr. Coralis Solomon, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  I have worked with LGBTQ+  adults and couples for more than ten years, supporting them to navigate trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

Here at Self-Compassion Life, I strive to offer a safe, loving space for the LGBTQ+ community.  My practice serves clients from all across Florida using a self-compassion, inclusivity-oriented approach to psychotherapy.

You deserve a life based on respect, love, and freedom.  If you need support, I can help.

Reach out or call me at 407.968.6534 to learn more about my services or book a consultation today.

How Can Therapy Help LGBTQ+ Folx?

Everyone needs support from time to time, and all of us face hardship.  Members of the LGBTQ+ community encounter the same challenges as everyone else.  Yet, they also face unique difficulties because of oppression, internalized shame, and mistreatment from society.

Some of the stressors suffered by the LGBTQ+ community include:

  • Abuse* or mistreatment
  • Discrimination or marginalization
  • Rejection or shaming from family, friends, or colleagues
  • Societal pressure, prejudice, and stigma (e.g., heteronormativity, gender binary)
  • Isolation and withdrawal from others
  • Accepting one’s identity and orientation
  • Fear of coming out

*Your safety is my priority. If you are currently in a violent or abusive relationship or simply feel unsafe, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1.800.799.7233) or visit their website.

When seeking help, trust is paramount.  You might feel detached from the world around you and find it hard to connect with others due to fear of pain and disappointment.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with any of the above issues, please know you can count on me.  I’m here to support you without shame or judgment.

How Can Therapy Help Me?

I recognize we all have different stories to share.  We are all complex human beings in search of happiness.  One of the many benefits of therapy is that it can be tailored to your particular situation to guide you on your journey.

LGBTQ+ friendly therapy can help you by:

1. Offering a Safe Environment

The therapy room (physical or virtual) is a safe place for you to express your thoughts and emotions without pressure or fear of rejection.  Your therapist will be there to make you feel seen and accepted, no matter what you are going through.  You’ll be able to be yourself and open up to establish a relationship based on respect and trust.

2. Letting You Explore and Love Yourself

Therapy lets you gain insight into your authentic self, especially if you are uncertain or looking to know more about who you are as a person.  Your counselor can help you thoughtfully examine where you are in the broad gender and sexuality spectrum, understanding that your identities can flow and change over time.  It’s an opportunity to listen to who you are at your core instead of trying to fit what’s “normal” while building self-love.

3. Providing Emotional Support

Therapy also provides tools to support you in addressing the emotional turmoil that may arise when facing mistreatment, criticism, or unfair bias.  These symptoms may include racing thoughts, panic attacks, mood swings, constant worry, loneliness, or lack of motivation.  Your therapist will teach you practical strategies to handle such difficulties, including but not limited to self-compassion, mindfulness, and stress management exercises.

You don’t have to be in crisis for therapy to make a positive difference in your life.  If you are searching for answers about yourself or want someone to talk to, therapy can help.

LGBTQ+ Therapy at Self-Compassion Life

Here at Self-Compassion Life, my purpose is to help you love yourself for who you are and find the joy you deserve.

I offer LGBTQ+-friendly therapy and other counseling services to people all over Florida, from my offices in Orlando and Tampa.

My holistic practice focuses on seeing you as a whole, from a mind-body perspective, leveraging self-compassion as a powerful tool for healing.  I combine positive psychology,  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and mindfulness meditation training to deliver a well-rounded approach.

Services are currently provided online, both in English and Spanish.

Whether you are recovering from a painful wound, looking to repair meaningful relationships, struggling with stressors, or wanting to discover yourself, I can help.

Contact me or call me at 407.968.6534 to book an appointment today.  I look forward to hearing from you!